Teawith Kettle

The project is initiated with the idea of designing an “easy-to-use kettle that also serves aesthetically as a view on your tea table”. Its fair-shaped spout and its perfect curve allow a smooth stream that is easy to control. It outlines the daily lives of orientals at their tea tables. 

All-in-one loop handle trigger is a unique and one-of-a-kind invention that brought changes to the business, and a brand-new ritual in the tea ceremony thus came into being. This representative feature also won it a patent in creation. 

Teawith kettle is not only ideal for beverages but also is a perfect objet for any setting and occasion. THINGHOME believes that household items can be seen as a family member with warmth, a close companion for every moment of beauty. 

Palm Cup

“There are already so many cups, why bother to design another one?”

TINGHOME notices that given the fact of the abundance of cups, no cup is gratifying enough. The cup we intend to design is a companion that will establish intimacy with its owner. 

Titan, son of the earth, resides in all creatures of nature and is hard to be extracted. Titanium is precious for its hardness as steel, biocompatibility and corrosion resistance make it perfect for a life-long companion. 

The palm cup is of the bilayer structure. The edge fits perfectly with your lips and the water temperature can be sensed to avoid scalds. The hollow-core structure allows your hold of the cup stay in room temperature, regardless of iced or heated beverage.