Teawith Kettle

Teawith Kettle is designed and initiated from the ideal of an “easy-to-use kettle that also serves aesthetically as a view on your tea table”. It is the perfect kettle for true tea enthusiasts.

The beauty, practicability and functionalism of Teawith Kettle have won it 4 prestigious international awards: Good Design Award 2017, iF Design Award 2018, Reddot Design Award Best of the Best 2019, and Golden A’ Design Award 2019. 

Teawith Kettle is also chosen as the standard room accessory for high-end hotels and resorts worldwide. 

Titanium Palm Cup

Titan, son of the earth, resides in all creatures of nature and is hard to be extracted. Titanium is precious for its hardness as steel, biocompatibility and corrosion resistance make it perfect for a life-long companion.

The titanium palm cup from Tinghome is of a bilayer structure and the hollow-core structure allows your hold of the cup to stay at room temperature, regardless of iced or heated beverage. 

The resplendent color of each cup is not from pigments, but colors from the interference effects of the coating of the titanium dioxide and refraction, which is similar to the process of the formation of soap bubbles.